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How does BidJeeto work?

how it works

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1. All the auctions start with Rs. 0.10 (10 paisa) and the items kept on auction are brand new.

2. Bids can be placed by using your BidJeeto account by simply clicking on Bid now          

3. Each and every bid placed increases the item price with Rs. 0.10 (10 paisa) at a time

4. Each auction has a countdown timer (30 sec – 5 minutes, depending on the auction) that will extend every time there is a new bid.

5. As the countdown timer reaches zero (i.e. no new bids are made during the last countdown), the bidder that bid last will have the sole rights to buy the product at the current listed price.

Last update: 04:34 AM Friday, May 21, 2010

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