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Is it legal?


Yes, organizing auctions of our type is completely legal as BidJeeto follows all the required government legislation. Our young and enthusiastic team is open about everything and are more than happy to address any questions from you.

A service fee is charged to all our members for every bid placed which is used to cover the costs of running this website, providing the bargains and offering the widest range of latest products available on the internet. This has allowed us to provide an advertisement free platform and we simply never sell or rent any personal information about our esteemed customers to any third party.

BidJeeto is not a lottery and there is no element of chance in winning the bid at the auctions.

We are able to keep the prices on our items so extremely low by allowing each bid to be higher than the previous bid by just 10 paise and charging a small fee to place each bid.

Last update: 11:30 PM Monday, February 15, 2010

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