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What is the BidHelper? How does it work?


There will be times when you are busy or need to be away from the computer and this is where the ‘BidHelper’ steps in. You just have to set the BidHelper with the price range (lowest price & highest price for bidding) within which you wish to bid and set the number of bids you want it to bid and the BidHelper will place bids automatically on your behalf.  

If another bidder has bid on a product of your interest and no one else is bidding on it, the BidHelper can bid for you in the last few seconds of an auction and reset the countdown like a normal bid. It can also bid at random timings to make an unpredictable bidding pattern that other manual bidders cannot predict. You win the auction if nobody places a higher bid than you. The Bids that weren’t used in the auction by the BidHelper will be credited back in your BidJeeto account after you win.

Last update: 12:18 AM Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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