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What are the different categories of an auction?


The different categories of an auction depend on the status of the auction and so there are 3 categories in which an auction can be viewed.

- Live Auctions

This is where all the excitement is happening. You can click on live auctions to see all the current auctions going on for a variety of products and you can bid on the product you desire.

- Closed Auctions

If you wish to see what bargains other users have got then you can view these auctions that have closed after a winner has won a product. You will be able to see the product details, the retail price, current price at which the product was won, the price the winner saved due to the auction, the winner details, the bid start and end timings and the bid history.

- Future Auctions

This option is to check out all the upcoming auctions that haven’t started yet. You can use this feature to keep in mind all the incredible products that are going to be on auction soon for you to bid.

Last update: 12:22 AM Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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