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The BidHelper is a BidJeeto function that can bid automatically on your behalf in case you are unavailable to bid on the BidJeeto auctions in person. This BidHelper can be used by all registered users.


The BidHelper is extremely simple to use. Just follow these steps:

·         Login to your BidJeeto account

·         Confirm that you have enough bids on your account

·         Click on the auction of the product you are interested in

·         Find the BidHelper section under the auction

·         Specify the price range within which the BidHelper will make bids for your product

·         Specify the maximum number of bids you are willing to make for that product

·         Finally click on the Start BidHelper button


Now the system will help you in winning the product by bidding for you during this auction


Also, you can enter your account and either stop or change the criteria set for the BidHelper. In case of a live auction that is ongoing currently, the BidHelper can be activated latest just few seconds before the countdown reaches zero otherwise a manual bid (without BidHelper function) can be made within the last few seconds of the countdown.


*Kindly note that your BidHelper settings will not change while buying new bids and if you want to extend the BidHelper with recently bought bids then the set BidHelper(s) will also have to be refreshed.

Last update: 01:59 AM Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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