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Password protection


Your password is the key of your BidJeeto account and the BidJeeto team will not ask for your password by email or other forms of communication.


You can ensure better password protection by:

  • Choosing a unique alphanumeric password that is easy for you to remember and doesn’t require you to write it down.
  • Never disclose your password to anyone like even the police, your financial institution and internet service provider or even to us especially through online means.
  • Avoid using passwords that are easy to guess like birthdays, family names or telephone numbers.
  • Please ensure that password memorizing functions like auto complete are disabled on your browser.
  • Saving passwords on the computer, the internet or on any software is a bad idea as it will enable anyone who has access to this information to potentially impersonate you.
  • To help secure your information, change your password every 90 days.    

Last update: 12:33 AM Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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