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I placed a bid that didnít register! Why so?


This can happen if there is a network problem in your internet that leads to a delay in the transfer of data between your computer and our browser due to an overloading in the internet connection. The worst impact it can have is when the countdown timer is approaching zero and you are trying to bid in the last few seconds that isnít registering on our browser leading to your loss in the auction. You can avoid such a scenario by using the BidHelper or bid a few seconds before the timer reaches zero if this network problem recurs often.

If you canít place bids at all then you can try the following:

  • Avoid streaming or sending and downloading large files
  • You could ensure that other computers arenít using your bandwidth
  • Try and keep a minimum number of browser windows open while bidding.
  • You can close all other network applications except your internet browser to avoid any network connection problems while bidding on BidJeeto.

Last update: 12:37 AM Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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