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If I placed a bid, shouldn’t I be the highest bidder?
As you place a bid on an ongoing auction you will instantly become the highest bidder but if someone else bids after you that person will become the highest bidder and ......
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Can I see who else is bidding on an auction?
Yes, you can check out an ongoing auction and then click on “More Info” to see the last 10 bidders who placed bids on that particular product. You will also be ......
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Which are the Types of bids available?
Regular Bids – These are the most common type of bids found on BidJeeto. These bids can be purchased in the form of Bid Packages.   Free Bids – These bids ......
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Is there any way to see how many bids I have placed or purchased?
Yes, firstly you have to login to your BidJeeto account. Then click on ‘My Bids’ on the dashboard area and you will be able to see how many bids you have ......
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Do you offer any tips on bidding?
Yes, go on the homepage of BidJeeto and click on “Tips and Tricks” at the bottom of the main page. ...
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Where can I view my BidHelper?
Please log on BidJeeto and go to \"My BidJeeto\" and choose the option “My Bid Butler”...
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What is the BidHelper? How does it work?
There will be times when you are busy or need to be away from the computer and this is where the ‘BidHelper’ steps in. You just have to set the BidHelper ......
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How do I bid on BidJeeto?
Login to your account and just click on the “Bid” button to place your bid, it’s that simple! Instantly this will make you the highest bidder and will automatically extend the ......
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