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Are there any limits to the number of auctions a user can win?
No, there are no limits to the number of auctions a user can win. A user can keep bidding and winning as much as possible. ...
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When does a ‘live auction’ become a ‘closed auction’?
An auction ends as soon as the timer runs out and reaches zero. This is when the highest bidder will win the auction and a ‘live auction’ will become a ‘closed ......
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Is the Current price the same as the Retail price?
No. The current price is the price of the product during an auction. The current price will increase from 10 paise onwards depending on the number of bids on the product ......
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Which are the Types of auctions offered?
Day Auctions (normal auctions) These auctions run from 11 AM till 11 PM. If the auction doesn’t end till 11 PM, the day auctions are paused for the night. 24/7 Auctions24/7 ......
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What are the different categories of an auction?
The different categories of an auction depend on the status of the auction and so there are 3 categories in which an auction can be viewed. - Live Auctions This is ......
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I just won an auction! What’s next?
Congratulations on the win! An automated e-mail with instructions about the payment process though our website will be sent to you. To remind you again, 100% of the price goes to ......
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