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I placed a bid that didn’t register! Why so?
This can happen if there is a network problem in your internet that leads to a delay in the transfer of data between your computer and our browser due to an ......
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What will happen if the site is down for maintenance?
We will try our level best to ensure that your experience on our website is smooth. Incase of rare incidents that aren’t in our control such as unforeseeable problems in the ......
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Issues in confirmation email link
If there are any issues in the confirmation email link you are requested to contact our customer support team at  ...
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Enabling cookies on your PC
You will need to enable cookies to be stored in your browser in order to properly use our site and gain access to all the functions such as placing a bid ......
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Recommended PC requirements to use BidJeeto
All PCs that allow you to access the internet can be used to take part in the BidJeeto auctions. Supported system software: Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 * ......
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