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Mr. Ashish Sharma grabs a fine hand blender at 96% off!

April 8th, 2011

BidJeeto is the one bidding platform that can provide amazing surprises to its members. Several interesting products keep coming around during auctions. BidJeeto members can bid on these products to win them at really low prices. The bidding happens at as low as 10 paise which keeps the price of the auction of products quite affordable. There is a wide range of products that have been auctioned on BidJeeto. From home theater systems and motorcycles to pen drives and MP3 players, all are there in the product list. The latest product that was available for an auction and attracted the attention of bidder Mr. Ashish Sharma from Delhi was none other than the Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS.

The action on the BidJeeto auctions began aggressively as the auction for the Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS started. Several BidJeeto members started stocking up on their bids and began bidding for the product. Few products are as versatile in their functions as the Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS. This is why the BidJeeto members were bidding hard to win the product. After a good bidding session that went on for a long time, finally the auction ended and Mr. Ashish emerged as the clear winner.

The Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS was won by Delhi-based Mr. Ashish Sharma at a paltry price of just Rs. 108.70. Compared to the market price of the blender that has been set at Rs. 3,265.00, Mr. Ashish saved a whopping 96%.

Abhishek Saraf wins the Nokia C1-01 at Rs. 31.20!

March 23rd, 2011

BidJeeto is a powerful online bidding website where a wide range of interesting products are constantly up for auctions. The auctions on this website are really exciting and full of drama as various bidders engage in a healthy competition to win the product on auction at the lowest possible auction price. Several innovative products have been auctioned off on this online bidding sensation. The latest product that was about to be sold off on auctions at BidJeeto was the Nokia C1-01 mobile phone. Bidders like Mr. Abhishek Saraf were all stocked up with several bids to bid on this product’s auction.

Within no time, the auctions on this sensational product began and bidders started bidding in a dynamic manner to get their hands on this stylish cell phone. With an increase in bids, there were many bidders who were vying for the product and this drew several bids towards the auction. After a good bidding war ensued, the bidding finally slowed down and the final bid came in marking the auction closure. The winner of the auction came out to be none other than Mr. Abhishek Saraf from Delhi. This bidder won the sensational Nokia C1-01 cell phone at a paltry sum of just Rs. 31.20.

Mr. Abhishek saved a fantastic 98% off the market price of the auction product. He was able to win the Nokia C1-01 cell phone at a fraction of the actual product price of Rs. 2556.00.

Priya Francis wins a shaver & trimmer at 97% off!

March 14th, 2011

The BidJeeto auctions are the one place where people can get some of the coolest products to buy. There are many fascinating products available by leading manufacturers and obtaining them at minimal prices is what many people desire. Of all the different avenues out there, people can obtain the latest products at the best prices only on BidJeeto. This online bidding avenue has a lot of products on its offering. The latest product to join the bidding extravaganza is none other than the Philips 3 Headed Electric Shaver + Trimmer HQ6940.

Lots of bidders got attracted to the auction when the Philips 3 Headed Electric Shaver + Trimmer HQ6940 entered the auctions floor. BidJeeto members from all around the world diverted their bids towards this auction to win this stylish grooming product. This product makes it easy for someone to get clean-shaved for a special occasion and look the best. The bidders were bidding actively on the product in question. After a good round of bidding, the auction stopped with the last bid from the bidder Priya Francis. She was able to win this amazing product at a great price.

The Philips 3 Headed Electric Shaver + Trimmer HQ6940 was won by Priya Francis at a measly value of just Rs. 47.70. This high-end grooming product is available in the market at a price of Rs. 2,370.00. She was able to get the product at a phenomenal 97% discount on the market price due to BidJeeto.

Sambit Padhy wins a Samsung Blu-Ray player at a 96% save!

March 1st, 2011

BidJeeto is one of the best online bidding destinations around that offers the finest deals to members on the latest products. There are a wide range of amazing products launched on auctions at BidJeeto from mobile phones to motorcycles and from Pen drives to Playstation video gaming consoles. BidJeeto members can win these products at the lowest possible prices by bidding lots and bidding smartly. One of the latest products that create a rage in the auctions floor recently with intense bidding action was none other than the Samsung C5500 Blu-Ray Disc Player. This fantastic video player was noticed by several bidders like Mr. Sambit Padhy from Orissa.

BidJeeto auctions are marked with a great competitive spirit and that is what was reflected on the auction of the Samsung C5500 Blu-Ray Disc Player. This latest product went on the auctions floor and several bidders started bidding on this product to claim it as soon as possible. Smart bidding demonstrated by several BidJeeto members kept the auction alive as bids kept coming in and the auction experienced good bidding wars. After a considerable amount of time, the auction finally ended with the winning bid of Mr. Sambit Padhy that sealed the fate of the product.

The Samsung C5500 Blu-Ray Disc Player was won by Mr. Sambit at a paltry price of just Rs. 415.80. He got an amazing save of around 96% from the retail price of the product that has been set at Rs. 10,500.00 in the market.

Ms. Nikita wins a Sennheiser earphone for Rs. 137.90!

February 22nd, 2011

BidJeeto is an incredible avenue for people to bid on some of the most interesting products that have been launched recently in the market. The products available here on auctions can be sold off at the lowest possible deals which make this online bidding destination all the more special. Several interesting products had been auctioned off from BidJeeto auctions to members and the latest product that had arrived on auctions was the super-stylish Sennheiser CX 680 Sports Earphone. This product surely drew its share of attention from bidders all around like Ms. Nikita Bhide from Pune, Maharashtra.

BidJeeto members had been waiting for superior audio based devices to come on auctions for long and the entry of the Sennheiser CX 680 Sports Earphone surely got noticed well. As soon as the auction started, bids started coming in from various bidders who were continuously bidding for the product to claim it. After a long bidding session that saw a healthy contest between several bidders, it was the perseverance of Ms. Nikita Bhide that paid off. She emerged victorious in the auction as her bid was the last bid placed on the order making her the winner of the Sennheiser CX 680 Sports Earphone.

Ms. Nikita won the Sennheiser CX 680 Sports Earphone at a lowly price of just Rs. 137.90 which is an incredible save of around 96% compared to the market price of the product which has been set at Rs. 3,790.00.

Mr. Georgie gets his Nokia phone at Rs. 0.20!

February 12th, 2011

The one place in the online world that can deliver some of the most unexpected deals on the latest products launched in the market is none other than BidJeeto. This is the one online bidding sensation that has been able to offer a wide range of interesting products to members and at some of the lowest possible prices. The sorts of products that are constantly making an entrance on this website are really interesting and they command a great attention from BidJeeto members looking to get a fabulous deal. The latest product that had come around on auctions was the stylish Nokia 1616 mobile phone. Several BidJeeto members like Mr. Georgie K were interested in getting their hands on this cool cell phone.

The Nokia 1616 mobile phone is a really simple phone with all the necessary features and that is what attracted many bidders to its auction. There are many interesting advantages it has to offer from an attractive display, great graphics, good sound and lots more. Due to these features, the bids starting coming in and after a while it was none other than Mr. Georgie K from Mumbai who won the mobile phone on auctions. He was able to get this mobile at a unexpected record deal.

Mr. Georgie K was able to use the auctions at BidJeeto to win this mobile phone at a miniscule price of just Rs. 0.20. He won this phone at a save of 99% when compared to its market price of Rs. 1,450.00.

Ms. Yamini Sule saves 97% on a stylish cell phone!

February 5th, 2011

Online bidding websites are places where interesting products can be obtained at some of the best prices around. Of all the bidding avenues around, BidJeeto is one of the best options with the sort of products it has to offer. A wide range of the latest technological products from microwave ovens and television sets to printers and cameras are available on auction here. The latest entrant to the auctions was a really stylish device, the Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone. This musical phone with some of the finest cell phone features was put up on auctions and several BidJeeto members like Ms. Yamini Sule from Maharashtra stocked up on their bids to win it.

As soon as the bidding started on the Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone, the bidders started putting in bids from all directions. Various bidders were bidding competitively to get ahead of the competition and win the product as soon as possible. The auction surely went on for a good time before slowing down. Finally, it was the winning bid of Ms. Yamini that marked the end of the auction and this amazing cell phone was finally sold.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone is an incredible cell phone that offers some of the best music options among the variety available in the market right now. Ms. Yamini won the Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone at a meager price of Rs. 320.30 saving a phenomenal 97% off the product price of Rs. 13,700.00 at which it is available in the market.

Mr. Ameet Shetti buys a Canon Printer at Rs. 259.60!

January 29th, 2011

BidJeeto is the one bidding destination where some of the finest quality products are introduced in the auctions. The BidJeeto auctions constantly have many fascinating products for grabs that are available to registered members. Members can bid smartly and avail of the smartest deals around on these latest products. The newest product to be launched in the auctions was the brand new Canon All-In-One Printer PIXMA MX328. This incredible product has the overall capacity to print, scan, copy and fax and does it all with fantastic quality and efficiency. Its auction attracted a fair share of bidders like new member Mr. Ameet Shetti from Karnataka.

As soon as the auction on the Canon All-In-One Printer PIXMA MX328 went live, lots of bidders scattered towards the auctions to start bidding on the product. This product was definitely appealing to all members with its quality features like the Hybrid system printing technology and Gutter shadow correction copying ability. Though many bidders bid aggressively on this product, the winner turned out to be Mr. Ameet Shetti.

The Canon All-In-One Printer PIXMA MX328 has some of the best specifications to offer like the ChromaLife 100+ technology that has put its cost at Rs. 8595.00 in the market. BidJeeto member, Mr. Ameet won this amazing Canon all in one printer at a paltry price of just Rs. 259.60 thus saving a whopping 96% off the product price. Some of the best deals have been recorded on BidJeeto auctions where superior quality products are auctioned off at ground zero prices.

Ms. Sonam Dhalla grabs an iBall Mouse at 99% off

January 21st, 2011

The exciting bidding destination called BidJeeto has been able to present some of the most interesting products on auctions. There are many bidding websites out there but BidJeeto’s success story is due the sort of products it has to offer at the ground zero prices. Keeping this in mind, BidJeeto recently came up with the iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse that has a fantastic design and excellent specifications. As soon as this product came up on auctions, most bidders noticed this one of a kind mouse. This designer mouse was able to get Ms. Sonam Dhalla stocking up on bids to win this product.

The auction for the iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse began with a bang as several bidders started checking out the auction and stocked up on bids to bid on this product. Ms. Sonam Dhalla from Delhi had set her sights on this fantastic mouse that has great features and a design that appeals one and all. She aggressively started the bidding race and after competing with the other bidders, won the product in a record breaking deal.

The iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse is a fantastic device that can enhance the general browsing experience on the computer and this product was won by Ms. Sonam. She was able to save a tremendous 99% off the actual price of the product that has been set at Rs. 560.00 in the market. Thanks to BidJeeto, all she paid for this product was a mere Rs. 1.70.

The Sony 22BX300 LCD TV is sold on auctions at Rs. 259.90 only

January 14th, 2011

Getting to experience a visual delight is not something that happens often. Few products can command a massive fan following as Flat screen TVs. No one can get enough of these products with amazing visual clarity. Keeping this in mind, BidJeeto wanted to offer something exciting and interesting to its members. With so many different products already auctioned off, the new product that was to be put up had to be unique. BidJeeto decided to put up the incredible Flat screen TV, the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV up for grabs at the auctions. This product surely caught the eye of Mr. Jestin MJ, from Pune, Maharashtra.

As soon as the auction for the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV started on the bidding sensation BidJeeto, bids started coming in from all sides and numerous bidders. Several veteran and many new bidders were interested in winning this product and this was apparent with the constant flow of bids to the auction. After some time, the auction finally started to settle down and that is when the final bid came in from Mr. Jestin. The winner of the auction was none other than this bidder from Pune, Maharashtra.

This is one fantastic device that has some of the most interesting features among its competitors and due to this it is one amazing product to win in an auction. Mr. Jestin was the lucky winner of this auction that delivered the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV in his hands at a paltry price of Rs. 259.90. He saved a massive 98% off the actual product price of Rs. 16,900.00.