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The Sony 22BX300 LCD TV is sold on auctions at Rs. 259.90 only

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Getting to experience a visual delight is not something that happens often. Few products can command a massive fan following as Flat screen TVs. No one can get enough of these products with amazing visual clarity. Keeping this in mind, BidJeeto wanted to offer something exciting and interesting to its members. With so many different products already auctioned off, the new product that was to be put up had to be unique. BidJeeto decided to put up the incredible Flat screen TV, the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV up for grabs at the auctions. This product surely caught the eye of Mr. Jestin MJ, from Pune, Maharashtra.

As soon as the auction for the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV started on the bidding sensation BidJeeto, bids started coming in from all sides and numerous bidders. Several veteran and many new bidders were interested in winning this product and this was apparent with the constant flow of bids to the auction. After some time, the auction finally started to settle down and that is when the final bid came in from Mr. Jestin. The winner of the auction was none other than this bidder from Pune, Maharashtra.

This is one fantastic device that has some of the most interesting features among its competitors and due to this it is one amazing product to win in an auction. Mr. Jestin was the lucky winner of this auction that delivered the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV in his hands at a paltry price of Rs. 259.90. He saved a massive 98% off the actual product price of Rs. 16,900.00.

A save of 97% on a digital camera offered to Parekh!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

BidJeeto is a fantastic place to bid and win some of the most exciting products out there. A lot of products have been auctioned off on BidJeeto and they are some of the latest products that have been launched in the market. Many fascinating products had been sold off and the latest that was about to be auctioned off had generated a lot of buzz. The product in question was the Canon IXUS 105 Digital Compact Camera that was gathering the attention of bidders like Parekh Saxena from Vadodara, Gujarat.

The auction on the Canon IXUS 105 Digital Compact Camera started soon enough as many bidders began placing their bids on the auction product. As more bids kept coming in, the auction finally began to heat up and there was a competitive auction going on then with numerous bidders battling it out with their bids to win the product. After a reasonable amount of time the auction finally ended as the countdown timer reached zero without any interruptions. The winner of the auction turned out to be none other than Parekh.

The Canon IXUS 105 Digital Compact Camera was auctioned off to BidJeeto member, Parekh at a lowly price of just Rs. 309.70. This is an incredible save of about 97% off the retail price of the product that is being sold at Rs. 11,200.00 in the market.

Who need bids?

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Of course if you want to take part in an auction at BidJeeto you need to have your accounts filled with bids. Always keep a good balance of bids, because you never know when you will come across your favourite product on BidJeeto. Bidjeeto has come up with a clever option to keep your account filled with bids. The bid package that you need to buy from BidJeeto was kept on auction. It was a 25 bids package that you had to win by bidding. Bids are required by every member of BidJeeto, but the one person to win this bids package was Amirthini Rao from Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu.

25 Bids Package

When the auction started there were hardly any one who were online who didn’t bid for the bids package. All the BidJeeto members were trying their luck on wining the invaluable bids. After a long session of bidding, when the countdown timer reached zero and the auction was closed, Amirthini Rao was declared as the highest bidder and winner of the 25 bids package. Amirthini would be more confident and feel free when she will bid for the next auction. Surely, winning bids will give you confidence and freedom to bid for any product that you want to own.

Amirthini Rao won the 25 bids package for just Rs. 50.60; she made a saving of 93 % since the actual product cost Rs. 750.00. So next time you see a bids package on auction, try to win it and start playing confidently.

Fabulous Nokia 5235 mobile phone for Mr. Jignesh Bavaria!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

A great range of products have been auctioned on the thrilling avenue of online bidding called BidJeeto and among these products the latest product that was to go on auction was a Nokia 5235 mobile phone. Mr. Jignesh Bavaria from Gujarat is the one person who was also drawn to the exciting bidding avenue of BidJeeto thanks to its incredible auctions and the Nokia 5235 Mobile phone auction certainly caught his interest.

Nokia 5235

The live auctions going on BidJeeto have the most bidders bidding on various products but the one thing that has many bidders eyeing their product like a hawk is a great product that is just about to start and this is what happened with the auction of the Nokia 5235 Mobile phone. As soon as the auction of this stylish phone started, a great number of bidders began bidding on it including Mr. Jignesh Bavaria and after a good auction that captured the interest of many bidders; he walked out as the winner of this impressive product.

The Nokia 5235 Mobile phone is a great product and is available in the market at Rs. 8,500.00 but Mr. Jignesh was able to win this product at a measly amount of Rs.199.50 thanks to the amazing bidding options offered by BidJeeto. There is no other place where he would have been able to win such a great product at a save of 97% off the actual market value of the product.

Vishal Bhave gets more bids to bid at 79% off!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Mr. Vishal Bhave’s routine surfing on the internet casually brought him to the doors of the thrilling world of BidJeeto and as soon as he laid his eyes on the kinds of options that were available, he registered. The exciting online bidding avenue BidJeeto is undoubtedly a great place to get the most amazing products at ridiculously low prices and all this is possible with the aid of their 10 Paise bids.

25 Bids Package

The one product that was to go on auction soon was the 25 bid package and this was one of the only products that could be bought to make sure that you had a lot of bids to bid and buy exciting newer products. Thus, many bidders including Mr. Vishal got interested in this auction and soon enough started to bid on this product. After a good bidding session that drew bids from many bidders, Mr. Vishal was finally able to get this product with his winning bid.

He was able to win the 25 bids package all at only Rs. 150.10 which is very low compared to the actual amount of the product which is about Rs. 750.00. Thus, Mr. Vishal was able to save a great 79% off the retail value of the product only through BidJeeto.

More bids for Mr. Dantu Sivaprasad!

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

The exciting online bidding avenue BidJeeto has been able to fascinate its members by providing the kind of deals that no other bidding outlet can offer and also by giving away the kind of products that just make bidding a lot of fun. One such product that was certain to make waves through this online bidding world was the 25 bids package that was put on auction recently only on BidJeeto and a bidder who had a close eye on it was Mr. Dantu Sivaprasad from Vishakhapatnam.

25 bid pack

The 25 bids package sure began to work their charm on the bidders as several bidders began bidding on this package as soon as the auction on this interestingly different product began. The bidding on this product brought many great bidders to the auction and after a smart contest of bids that were being placed smartly, Mr. Dantu Sivaprasad finally emerged as the winner of this auction.

Mr. Dantu can surely now look forward to winning lots of products on BidJeeto with the aid of the bids he won only at Rs. 57.10. He was able to save a massive 92% off the product value of the bid package that is set at Rs. 750.00. Bidding just couldn’t get any better than this!

Getting loud with the Logitech speakers R-10

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Mr. Adhi Ransh from Kolkata was just surfing the internet one day and among the many things that caught his attention there was a particular website that attracted him and this website was BidJeeto. It is the most incredible online bidding website out there that can help its users to bid on a wide selection of products with bids of just 10 Paise per bid and they can stand to win amazing products at phenomenally low prices and this aspect of the website got Mr. Adhi to get himself registered.

One of the great products that was to be auctioned off soon on BidJeeto were the Logitech Speakers R-10 and this interested Adhi just enough to make him buy a convenient bid package that could be used to bid for this product. Immediately as the auction began on these incredible speakers, Adhi began to bid from the start till the end in a steady manner and eventually was declared as the winner of these amazing products.

With BidJeeto to his rescue, Mr. Adhi was able to get these Logitech speakers R-10 at just Rs. 258.00 compared to its retail price of Rs. 1,400.00. Only because of the amazing bidding option offered by BidJeeto, Adhi was able to save a gigantic 81% off the price of the product by bidding here. No one can stop him now from getting loud with these speakers creating wonderful music!

Compact music player won!

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

There are a great number of products constantly auctioned on the electrifying world of BidJeeto and of all the products the latest to be auctioned off was the really compact and incredible Samsung YP-S2QB Mp3 player. The one person whose attention was drawn to the auction was Mr. Akshay Ganesh from Mysore as he just bumped onto BidJeeto and after a little browsing around was able to observe that a really great product was to be put on auction soon.

He geared up to bid on it and soon enough got his account created on BidJeeto as with the kind of great quality music and the really compact body that would be the ideal music companion, the Samsung YP-S2QB really was the best music player around to be bid on. As soon as the auction began and the bids were bought, Akshay began to place his bids periodically on the auction and after placing multiple bids on this product the product was finally his for taking.

The exciting online bidding option provided by BidJeeto enabled Akshay to win the Samsung YP-S2QB Mp3 player at a really low price of Rs. 144.90. Compared to the price at which this really great music player is being sold at electronic retail outlets, he got an incredible deal that allowed him to save a lot of money. This is not the end of it as there are a multitude of exciting products that are to come on auction and everyone can bid and win these products at incredible prices that makes BidJeeto almost too good to be true.

An Apple iPod Shuffle sold at Rs. 299.10!

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

BidJeeto proves its might as a fabulous online bidding website once again as it gives away a brand new Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB away for just Rs. 299.10. This compact music player has been won by Mr. Diven Jha who managed to save 90% off the retail price of Rs. 3,200.00 at which it is being sold in the market. There just simply couldn’t be a better deal than this anywhere else.

The apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB is a great music device that can pack a powerful punch in its tiny frame. Not only can this music player carry a wide collection of music for relaxing leisure activities but it has also been named as the smallest music player. It also has a fabulous design and its small size makes it an ideal companion to ensure that one has music on the move.  Other great features that this player has is that it can deliver a great sound quality, support a variety of file formats and voice over function that can tell you the song or the artist’s name. The only place in which such superior quality products can be obtained at ground zero prices is BidJeeto and the only thing one has to do to get their hands on these fabulous products is by bidding smartly to keep winning.

Mumbai Techie Gets the Pen Drive!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Aashutosh Shinde from Mumbai is one incredible tech freak and loves to know and get all the latest electronic gadgets and tools. He is one guy who loves to download varied collection of the best videos, songs, movies, softwares and more that are the ultimate source of entertainment in the online world.

Kingston 4GB Pen Drive

Though he had been asked by many of his friends to share his vast collection of interesting softwares and other tools, he hadn’t been able to help his friends as he did not have the one thing he needed for himself and to share his collection with his friends, a Pen drive.  Soon enough Aashutosh was beginning to grow weary of using his friends Pen drive’s on most occasions and this need started a quest to search for a great option to get a good pen drive. His life dramatically changed one day when he was surfing online to look for some interesting songs and he accidentally bumped into the thrilling world of BidJeeto. On further exploration he was able to see that this online bidding website had the answer to all his problems as there just isn’t any other website where he can get such a great array of products at such ridiculously low prices.

The one product that peculiarly caught his attention on BidJeeto was the Kingston 4 GB Pen drive that was soon to be auctioned. This pen drive was the perfect solution for his needs to constantly transfer data like his songs and videos to his friends. Soon enough he began to go through BidJeeto and began to realize just how incredible this site was and how it could help him win many exciting products at amazingly low prices. As soon as he had figured out how to register on this website and make his account active he began to gear himself to start bidding for that Kingston 4 GB Pen drive. As the auction on BidJeeto for the Kingston 4 GB Pen drive began, Aashutosh began to place his bids and started to bid as much as possible so that there is a maximal chance of him winning the product. With an increase in the auction product price by just 10 Paise with every bid, he kept bidding more to enhance his success rate and before he could register the entire process he had already won the auction and the Kingston 4 GB Pen drive was his win.

With the help of the amazing products that BidJeeto has to offer, Aashutosh Shinde from Mumbai got the product that he desperately wanted which is a Kingston 4 GB Pen drive and now he can transfer and store all the kind of data he wants all for just Rs. 27.50. He was able to save an incredible 94% off the retail price of the product and so can you in this incredible world of BidJeeto.