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Mr. Manoj Verma is now all set to bid!

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Variety is truly the one thing that is apparent in the kind of products BidJeeto has been able to auction and amongst all sorts of products, the one product that truly was able to create a buzz was the 50 bid package that was to go on auction. Mr. Manoj Verma from Thane too was one bidder who had his eyes set on this package as this was the best way to win multiple products on BidJeeto.
Thus, the auction for the 50 bids package soon began and the bids started flowing in from all the members who wanted to get more bids at a cheaper rate. The auction sure saw some great bidding moments as the bidders kept bidding and at the end of this exciting auction, Mr. Manoj Verma walked away as the winner of the auction.

50 Bids Package

The most fantastic thing was that Mr. Manoj was able to win this exciting product only at Rs. 72.20 which compared to its price of Rs. 1,250 sure is a 94% save off the product value. With such great deals and such amazing products, there is no better place to bid than BidJeeto.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB- A real treat to the ears!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

The Apple iPod Shuffle is a must have for music aficionados. It is a user friendly gadget. It is excellent value for money. The device is so sleek and handy that it can be easily clipped on to your T-shirt. It is capable of accommodating unlimited music! You can listen to your favourite music on the go! You can listen to your heart’s content. The iPod shuffle is your companion while you’re awake. The voice quality is awesome with due attention given to clarity, crispness, bass etc.The Apple iPod Shuffle is a real treat to the ears! It is actually music to your ears! Loaded with commendable ergonomics and features, the Apple iPod Shuffle is yet another mark of excellence from the house of Apple. The device is priced competitively. Its technical details are as follows- Product Description- Apple iPod shuffle digital player, Product Type- flash based digital player, Enclosure Colour- Silver, Dimensions (WxDxH)- 4.1 cm x 1.1 cm x 2.7 cm, Weight- 16 g, Sound Output Mode- Stereo, Supported Digital Audio Standards- WAV, AAC, AIFF, Audible, MP3, Flash Memory- 2 GB, Headphones- binaural ear-bud stereo, PC Interface Supported- Hi-Speed USB, Battery- rechargeable lithium polymer and Manufacturer Warranty- 1 year.The Apple iPod Shuffle weighs 19 grams.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB

The 2GB iPod Shuffle allows you to listen to a wide variety of about 500 songs. It is available in your choice of remixed colours. You can clip on the iPod shuffle and wear it as a badge of musical devotion. It is well equipped with a circular control pad that puts the ‘go’ in ergonomic. You can click the center button to play and pause. Outer buttons can be clicked to move back, skip forward, and adjust volume. The battery indicator makes use of three colours- green, amber and red. Green indicates ‘go’, amber means you are low and red means you have almost hit zero. The Ipod Shuffle’s 12 hour battery life is highly commendable. It definitely deserves a special mention. You can listen to the songs of your choice without having to worry about your battery life.

It is unlikely to exhaust easily.Thanks to its built-in clip, the attractive iPod shuffle goes with anything. Clip it to your sleeve, coin pocket or lapel, it complements almost about everything. Irrespective of where you clip it, the Apple iPod Shuffle speaks volumes about your personality, style and taste. It puts you in a different league altogether. It is synonymous with class, style and elegance. You can conveniently flip the shuffle switch to mix up iPod Shuffle’s contents. You can flip it over and over again to play your handpicked playlists and albums in the order you synced them from iTunes. What’s more, the headphone jack doubles up as a dock connector. Flip iPod shuffle upside-down and drop it into the included dock. Connect the dock to your Mac or PC for a quick sync and charge. If you are away from your computer, charge on the go with the optional Apple USB power adapter.Lay your hands on the Apple iPod Shuffle now!