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The Sony 22BX300 LCD TV is sold on auctions at Rs. 259.90 only

Getting to experience a visual delight is not something that happens often. Few products can command a massive fan following as Flat screen TVs. No one can get enough of these products with amazing visual clarity. Keeping this in mind, BidJeeto wanted to offer something exciting and interesting to its members. With so many different products already auctioned off, the new product that was to be put up had to be unique. BidJeeto decided to put up the incredible Flat screen TV, the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV up for grabs at the auctions. This product surely caught the eye of Mr. Jestin MJ, from Pune, Maharashtra.

As soon as the auction for the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV started on the bidding sensation BidJeeto, bids started coming in from all sides and numerous bidders. Several veteran and many new bidders were interested in winning this product and this was apparent with the constant flow of bids to the auction. After some time, the auction finally started to settle down and that is when the final bid came in from Mr. Jestin. The winner of the auction was none other than this bidder from Pune, Maharashtra.

This is one fantastic device that has some of the most interesting features among its competitors and due to this it is one amazing product to win in an auction. Mr. Jestin was the lucky winner of this auction that delivered the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV in his hands at a paltry price of Rs. 259.90. He saved a massive 98% off the actual product price of Rs. 16,900.00.

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