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Ms. Sonam Dhalla grabs an iBall Mouse at 99% off

The exciting bidding destination called BidJeeto has been able to present some of the most interesting products on auctions. There are many bidding websites out there but BidJeeto’s success story is due the sort of products it has to offer at the ground zero prices. Keeping this in mind, BidJeeto recently came up with the iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse that has a fantastic design and excellent specifications. As soon as this product came up on auctions, most bidders noticed this one of a kind mouse. This designer mouse was able to get Ms. Sonam Dhalla stocking up on bids to win this product.

The auction for the iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse began with a bang as several bidders started checking out the auction and stocked up on bids to bid on this product. Ms. Sonam Dhalla from Delhi had set her sights on this fantastic mouse that has great features and a design that appeals one and all. She aggressively started the bidding race and after competing with the other bidders, won the product in a record breaking deal.

The iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse is a fantastic device that can enhance the general browsing experience on the computer and this product was won by Ms. Sonam. She was able to save a tremendous 99% off the actual price of the product that has been set at Rs. 560.00 in the market. Thanks to BidJeeto, all she paid for this product was a mere Rs. 1.70.

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