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Mr. Georgie gets his Nokia phone at Rs. 0.20!

The one place in the online world that can deliver some of the most unexpected deals on the latest products launched in the market is none other than BidJeeto. This is the one online bidding sensation that has been able to offer a wide range of interesting products to members and at some of the lowest possible prices. The sorts of products that are constantly making an entrance on this website are really interesting and they command a great attention from BidJeeto members looking to get a fabulous deal. The latest product that had come around on auctions was the stylish Nokia 1616 mobile phone. Several BidJeeto members like Mr. Georgie K were interested in getting their hands on this cool cell phone.

The Nokia 1616 mobile phone is a really simple phone with all the necessary features and that is what attracted many bidders to its auction. There are many interesting advantages it has to offer from an attractive display, great graphics, good sound and lots more. Due to these features, the bids starting coming in and after a while it was none other than Mr. Georgie K from Mumbai who won the mobile phone on auctions. He was able to get this mobile at a unexpected record deal.

Mr. Georgie K was able to use the auctions at BidJeeto to win this mobile phone at a miniscule price of just Rs. 0.20. He won this phone at a save of 99% when compared to its market price of Rs. 1,450.00.

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