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Sambit Padhy wins a Samsung Blu-Ray player at a 96% save!

BidJeeto is one of the best online bidding destinations around that offers the finest deals to members on the latest products. There are a wide range of amazing products launched on auctions at BidJeeto from mobile phones to motorcycles and from Pen drives to Playstation video gaming consoles. BidJeeto members can win these products at the lowest possible prices by bidding lots and bidding smartly. One of the latest products that create a rage in the auctions floor recently with intense bidding action was none other than the Samsung C5500 Blu-Ray Disc Player. This fantastic video player was noticed by several bidders like Mr. Sambit Padhy from Orissa.

BidJeeto auctions are marked with a great competitive spirit and that is what was reflected on the auction of the Samsung C5500 Blu-Ray Disc Player. This latest product went on the auctions floor and several bidders started bidding on this product to claim it as soon as possible. Smart bidding demonstrated by several BidJeeto members kept the auction alive as bids kept coming in and the auction experienced good bidding wars. After a considerable amount of time, the auction finally ended with the winning bid of Mr. Sambit Padhy that sealed the fate of the product.

The Samsung C5500 Blu-Ray Disc Player was won by Mr. Sambit at a paltry price of just Rs. 415.80. He got an amazing save of around 96% from the retail price of the product that has been set at Rs. 10,500.00 in the market.

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