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Abhishek Saraf wins the Nokia C1-01 at Rs. 31.20!

BidJeeto is a powerful online bidding website where a wide range of interesting products are constantly up for auctions. The auctions on this website are really exciting and full of drama as various bidders engage in a healthy competition to win the product on auction at the lowest possible auction price. Several innovative products have been auctioned off on this online bidding sensation. The latest product that was about to be sold off on auctions at BidJeeto was the Nokia C1-01 mobile phone. Bidders like Mr. Abhishek Saraf were all stocked up with several bids to bid on this product’s auction.

Within no time, the auctions on this sensational product began and bidders started bidding in a dynamic manner to get their hands on this stylish cell phone. With an increase in bids, there were many bidders who were vying for the product and this drew several bids towards the auction. After a good bidding war ensued, the bidding finally slowed down and the final bid came in marking the auction closure. The winner of the auction came out to be none other than Mr. Abhishek Saraf from Delhi. This bidder won the sensational Nokia C1-01 cell phone at a paltry sum of just Rs. 31.20.

Mr. Abhishek saved a fantastic 98% off the market price of the auction product. He was able to win the Nokia C1-01 cell phone at a fraction of the actual product price of Rs. 2556.00.

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