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Mr. Ashish Sharma grabs a fine hand blender at 96% off!

BidJeeto is the one bidding platform that can provide amazing surprises to its members. Several interesting products keep coming around during auctions. BidJeeto members can bid on these products to win them at really low prices. The bidding happens at as low as 10 paise which keeps the price of the auction of products quite affordable. There is a wide range of products that have been auctioned on BidJeeto. From home theater systems and motorcycles to pen drives and MP3 players, all are there in the product list. The latest product that was available for an auction and attracted the attention of bidder Mr. Ashish Sharma from Delhi was none other than the Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS.

The action on the BidJeeto auctions began aggressively as the auction for the Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS started. Several BidJeeto members started stocking up on their bids and began bidding for the product. Few products are as versatile in their functions as the Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS. This is why the BidJeeto members were bidding hard to win the product. After a good bidding session that went on for a long time, finally the auction ended and Mr. Ashish emerged as the clear winner.

The Morphy Richards Hand Blender-HBCDSS was won by Delhi-based Mr. Ashish Sharma at a paltry price of just Rs. 108.70. Compared to the market price of the blender that has been set at Rs. 3,265.00, Mr. Ashish saved a whopping 96%.

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