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Priya Francis wins a shaver & trimmer at 97% off!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The BidJeeto auctions are the one place where people can get some of the coolest products to buy. There are many fascinating products available by leading manufacturers and obtaining them at minimal prices is what many people desire. Of all the different avenues out there, people can obtain the latest products at the best prices only on BidJeeto. This online bidding avenue has a lot of products on its offering. The latest product to join the bidding extravaganza is none other than the Philips 3 Headed Electric Shaver + Trimmer HQ6940.

Lots of bidders got attracted to the auction when the Philips 3 Headed Electric Shaver + Trimmer HQ6940 entered the auctions floor. BidJeeto members from all around the world diverted their bids towards this auction to win this stylish grooming product. This product makes it easy for someone to get clean-shaved for a special occasion and look the best. The bidders were bidding actively on the product in question. After a good round of bidding, the auction stopped with the last bid from the bidder Priya Francis. She was able to win this amazing product at a great price.

The Philips 3 Headed Electric Shaver + Trimmer HQ6940 was won by Priya Francis at a measly value of just Rs. 47.70. This high-end grooming product is available in the market at a price of Rs. 2,370.00. She was able to get the product at a phenomenal 97% discount on the market price due to BidJeeto.