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Massive storage capacity pen drives auctioned on BidJeeto

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The incredible online bidding outlet BidJeeto surely has a lot of interesting products available to be auctioned off and this is one place that can deliver the latest products at the best deals. BidJeeto has a lot of varied products and they are all here to be auctioned off on the grand auctions that sell products to members who can bid on these products with 10 Paise bids. The latest addition to the sold off products was the Sandisk Cruzer 8 GB Pen drive. This product was auctioned off to Mr. Nirvaan Agarwal from Rajasthan who won this pen drive at just a meager value of Rs. 119.40 which is an impressive save of 87% compared to its retail price of Rs. 950.00.

Sandisk Cruzer 8GB Pen Drive

BidJeeto has a lot of surprises to offer its members with the variety of products it has to provide them with. Adding to the benefit of these auctions are also the prices that are offered by BidJeeto to the members who bid on these products. Thanks to the 10 Paise bids, the prices of the auction products are kept to a minimum. There have been many fascinating auctions that have taken place on BidJeeto and without a doubt there has been a lot of fun and excitement in all these auctions. Members who win products on BidJeeto auctions have come back again and again to get some more products as this online auction house has it all.

Won 8GB memory stick at Rs. 59.90

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

You can expect to win products even at very low prices than this. That’s why the concept of BidJeeto is so popular and people get attracted to it. The bid for any product starts at Rs. 0.10 and it keeps on increasing by 10 paise every time a bid is placed on a particular product. Similarly the bid for the Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB started at Rs. 0.10 and there were many registered members who wanted to win this super cool Sony Memory stick. But it was Sachchit Makwana from Rajkot, Gujarat who got lucky and won this 8GB memory stick.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB

As the auction for the Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB started, there were many who wanted to win it as everybody knew 8GB is a huge space and it would be more than enough to store their data, movies, songs etc. It would be the right portable companion for you to enjoy life on the move. Hence this particular auction saw a great bidding session as the members were not ready to lose this opportunity to win Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB. The long session of bidding saw a sudden end to the bidding as the countdown timer reached zero. When the auction was closed, Sachchit Makwana was the highest bidder who was declared as the winner for the 8GB memory stick.

Sachchit Makwana won the Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB for Rs. 59.90 only, making a saving of 93 % since the actual cost of the memory stick was Rs. 899.00.

Bids package on auction!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

What is that you needed to take part in a BidJeeto auction? You need to be a registered member of BidJeeto and most importantly you need to have bids in your account without which you are just among the spectators. So the most important thing is your account and balance of bids in it. The benefits of having a good balance of bids in your account is, when you are bidding for a particular product that you want to win you have enough bids with you. A good balance plays an important role in winning you a product. Recently the auction was on 25 bids package. And the auction was won by Amirthini Rao from Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu.

25 Bids Package

You will definitely enjoy more when you win bids. It is like the bonus point or power that you get while playing a video game. Once you get the power you get more confident and start playing more freely and ultimately you would be the winner. Similarly, you got to win this bids that are offered to you at such low prices. This will definitely make a change in the way you approach towards any product displayed for auction. So make sure you win this bids package next time.

Winning bids package and also using that same bid for winning a product would be great fun at BidJeeto. And if you can win a product by using the package you won, it shows that you have become a bidding master.

Bids Jeeto on BidJeeto!

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

BidJeeto is now able to present to its members a really rare and a unique opportunity to elevate their chances of winning great products by auctioning its bid packages! Yes, recently BidJeeto had auctioned off a 25 Bids package and the winner of this auction was Mr. Dantu Sivaprasad from Vishakhapatnam who won this amazing product at a mere amount of Rs. 57.10. This Bid package is available for sale generally at Rs. 750.00. Thus, Mr. Dantu was able to save a great 92% off the value of the product.

25 Bids Package

The best thing that can be offered at a lower rate on the amazing world of BidJeeto are its bid packages and now this bidding revolution has made it simple for its members by offering them the one thing that can help them bid lots. With the aid of these interesting bid packages, members will be able to use these bids wisely and win a huge range of products thus making it one product that can be used to buy multiple products.
There couldn’t have been better options that BidJeeto could have thought of and with these bid packages on auction, this surely is one online bidding outlet you need to consider.

Nothing better than winning bids!

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Not one person can truly testify and say that he or she doesn’t want more exciting products and by understanding the needs of its members to desire more products, BidJeeto brought into the auction zone a unique product- the chance to win a 50 bids package. The bidder who was able to get these bids worth Rs. 1,250.00 was Mr. Manoj Varma from Thane who got this package only at Rs. 72.20 thus enabling himself to save a massive 94% off the price of this bid package.

50 Bids Package

Bidding is the one thing that is supposed to be done a lot on BidJeeto if you want to win the most excellent products that are put on the auctions. Winning Bid Packages will simply mean that you win the possibility of winning a wide range of products with these packages as they have multiple bids that can be used to win a lot of products on the exciting world of BidJeeto. Mr. Manoj was able to win his bids and now there is nothing that can stop him from winning a great number of products on BidJeeto.

So if you too want to get smart and bid to win a wide range of interesting products, then logon to BidJeeto and bid for a variety of products that will completely change your life.

Bid some money to get huge sums of money!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

The online bidding world of BidJeeto surely shocked everyone with its latest product on auction and what was even more surprising was the deal Ms. Nilima Jaiswal got on it. BidJeeto had put Rs. 2,500.00 on auction and this auction was won by Ms. Nilima by a meager amount of Rs. 4.60. With an incredible saving of 99% she was able to win free cash only by bidding on this extraordinary world of BidJeeto.
There is nothing money cannot buy and that is for sure as one can go ahead and buy a variety of things with Rs. 2,500 that was put on auction recently on BidJeeto. While all products already have a destined use, one can use won money to absolutely any possible use and with this advantage on hand this definitely was one of the most interesting products put on auction by BidJeeto. BidJeeto has been auctioning really exciting products online and has been offering the kind of deals that can make other auctions history.

There is no doubt about the impressive kind of products that have been coming here for auction as the variety is just too great. Now cash products are also being offered by BidJeeto and with this, it has broken its own records and the only way in which anyone can use this opportunity to the fullest is by getting online on BidJeeto right now and going for a registration!

Brand new Boss e Phone 3300 gets sold in the best deal!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

The Boss e Phone 3300 sure is a really stylish piece and one cannot imagine getting it for a low price unless it’s on BidJeeto. With the great options that this interesting online bidding website provides, Mr. Venkatesh Niraman was able to get this great mobile phone at just Rs. 158.60. When compared to the market price of the Boss e Phone 3300 at Rs. 4,000.00 he was able to save an amazing 96% off the retail price.

There isn’t a smarter looking mobile phone around like the Boss e Phone 3300 that can offer the most incredible features like a 1.3 MegaPixel camera, 4 GB memory card, GPRS and WAP connectivity and a lot more. This mobile phone also comes fully loaded with a range of high quality multimedia options that makes it a real good buy. With the help of its 4 GB expandable memory card, the kind of storage options this fashionable phone provides is really remarkable. The avenue of BidJeeto is the most incredible in terms of being a great online bidding site and allows its members to bid on the best and the most latest high quality products with just 10 Paise bids that no other place offers. So to get the best deals possible, log on to BidJeeto and start bidding as great products await to be sold off!

Boss 33 sleek sold of in a great auction!

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

It was another day of great auctions being conducted by the thrilling BidJeeto and after a tight contest, one of the most incredible products the Boss 33 Sleek was sold off to Ms. Nilima Jaiswal. She was able to get a really amazing deal as with the online bidding option provided by BidJeeto she was able to get this great product at a minimal amount of Rs. 182.20. The retail price of the Boss 33 Sleek is a grand Rs. 3,500.00 and thanks to this innovative online bidding option Ms. Nilima was able to get the product by saving an incredible 94% off the market value.

The Boss 33 sleek most certainly is a great accessory to own as it is a really attractive mobile phone that comes with a wide range of great features like a 1.3 MegaPixel camera, Bluetooth, GPRS and WAP enabled internet connectivity and more. It also offers a really great sound quality thanks to its ability to support a variety of audio formats like 3GP, MP4 and AVI. This interesting phone also comes along with Dual SIM card support that can help businessmen to indulge themselves by utilizing two numbers at the same time.  BidJeeto offers everyone with the golden chance to take part in these exciting auctions and win incredible products and with the range of products available to be auctioned off there is something here for everyone.

Bid for free at BidJeeto and win incredible products!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The sensational online bidding website ‘BidJeeto’ has decided to offer a great incentive to all its users with a fantastic offer wherein they will be able to bid for a variety of attractive products with free bids! This is going to be a limited offer where all the users will obtain 50 free bids in their accounts from the period of 2nd March till 5thMarch. There simply is no doubt that this is going to be an incredible time to put on the bidding hats and start bidding at ‘BidJeeto’.

‘BidJeeto’ is this phenomenal bidding website that enables its users to bid on the latest products by means of bids that can be purchased in the form of bid packages and then as a product goes on auction, bids can be made. A user can stand to save a tremendous amount of money by bidding and winning the products from BidJeeto as the auction price is really low as compared to its retail price. But in the new BidJeeto offer, its users can bid on the products for free using the free bids that makes the entire job of bidding and winning really economic. So during this period, users will not have to think of which bid package to buy as they will get their free bids for bidding.

The 50 free bids will be deposited in the accounts of all its members with the help of an activation key that will be sent to their mobile phones on successful registration. Once the member will be registered, bidding can begin with these free bids on a wide selection of products that are up for grabs. BidJeeto will be offering a great range of products on auction during this time and so it will undoubtedly be a great time to bid not only for free but to also win an exciting range of products.

However, this offer is a limited one as it starts on the 2nd of March and will be valid only till the 5th of March after which all the unused free bids will be deducted from the accounts of the users. This truly will be an exciting time to bid as the bids will be free and the users will only have to bear the final auction price of the product and the necessary shipping charges. With such an extraordinary option at hand, BidJeeto surely is going to be the perfect place to bid on all the amazing products and win them at the lowest imaginable prices.

The stage is set at BidJeeto now for everyone who wants to win fabulous products at ridiculously low prices and with absolutely free bids. The winners will stand to win a great variety of prizes like music players, laptops, mobile phones and more. However, this offer is limited and will end on the 5th of March, so get onto BidJeeto and start bidding now!

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