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Canon All-In-One printer sold to Mr. Ameet at 96% off!

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

BidJeeto is the one online bidding avenue that has really exciting options to offer all throughout the year. Some of the latest products launched recently in the market make their way into BidJeeto auctions where they are sold off at the lowest possible prices. The one brand new product that had entered auctions recently was the Canon All-In-One Printer PIXMA MX328. This high quality printer with advanced technology had many bidders bidding on it. However, it was the perseverance of Mr. Ameet Shetti that paid off as he won the printer at a meager sum of Rs. 259.60. He saved a massive 96% off the retail price of the price that is valued at Rs. 8595.00 in the market.

There are many different kinds of products that come up on BidJeeto auctions all the time and they are of the best quality. The Canon All-In-One Printer PIXMA MX328 is a leading technological marvel as it has fabulous features like a fast ISO standard print speed, ChromaLife+ technology, Hybrid system in printing and lots more. The best part of BidJeeto is that bidders can get their hands on these amazing products at really low prices due to the 10 Paise bids that are used in the auctions.

The new BidJeeto member Mr. Ameet Shetti from Karnataka too was able to get his hands on a great quality device at a measly sum that isn’t possible on any other online bidding outlet.

Tech savvy members get cool HP scanners at BidJeeto auctions

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The online bidding avenue BidJeeto is a dream come true for fans of great technological products that are normally too expensive for most people to buy routinely. However, BidJeeto has been able to make sure that its members can get as many of these fascinating products as is possible through its auctions that deliver these products at fundamentally low prices. The sorts of products that have been auctioned off on BidJeeto have been diverse. The latest product that was sold off on BidJeeto was the HP Scanjet G2410 Flatbed Scanner that was sold to Mr. Parvez Shaikh from Delhi at just Rs. 171.20 which is a fantastic save of 96% compared to the product price of Rs. 4,599.00.

HP Scanjet G2410 Flatbed Scanner

BidJeeto has a wide array of products up its sleeve that it keeps auctioning off like mobile phones, music players, home theater systems, laptops, pen drives, headphones, LCD TVs and lots more. These products have been given away on BidJeeto at really fantastic deals that no other online bidding avenue can offer. Mr. Parvez too was able to get this fantastic scanner at a price that is a small fraction of the actual price of the product all thanks to the online bidding auctions offered by BidJeeto. Without a doubt, BidJeeto can offer the best to its members with the sort of features it has.

If you want to get some of the best products around of the leading brands then BidJeeto is the place for you.

BidJeeto offers some classy scanning options!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

BidJeeto has some of the best products in the market on auctions and there is no doubt that it will be able to offer the best deal on those latest products. There are many interesting products that will capture the fancy of all members and one such product was auctioned off recently. The product was the Benq 5000 Color Scanner that was sold off to Mr. Paramanad Gupta from Hasanpur, Haryana at a measly price of just Rs. 210.30 which is a phenomenal save of about 93% from the product price of Rs. 3,290.00.

Benq 5000 Color Scanner

There is no doubt about the fact that BidJeeto is the most incredible online bidding sensation around as this is the one website that is able to offer some of the latest products around. The variety of products it has been able to offer is also really remarkable and there are many types of products that are all ready to be won. BidJeeto can deliver the kind of deals that are just unthinkable as they are able to give away products at auction prices that are mere fractions of the actual prices.

BidJeeto is the best place if you want to win a fantastic product at a price that is amazingly affordable. There is no better feeling than winning a product that you desperately wanted at miniscule prices. BidJeeto is the amazing online bidding avenue that can deliver what you want.

Cool printers that deliver great quality auctioned on BidJeeto

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

BidJeeto is a really amazing place to win some of the most interesting products out there and the auctions that are conducted here are a testament of that. The latest product that had been put on auction was the Canon PIXMA iP1300 PIXMA Inkjet Printer that delivers a fabulous quality. This product was sold off to a bidder from Noida, Mr. Gajanan Trivedi who won it at a meager price of just Rs. 180.90 which is a serious drop compared to its product price of Rs. 2,100.00. He was able to save a smashing 91% off the retail value.

Canon PIXMA iP1300 PIXMA Inkjet Printer

The kinds of products that have been auctioned off on BidJeeto have truly been amazing and there is no comparison to the sort of deals that have been offering their members as these prices are unparalleled anywhere else. The Canon PIXMA iP1300 PIXMA Inkjet Printer is an incredible product that is able to offer superior quality printing and has some of the best features around that a printer should have and is a great buy. Thanks to the innovative bidding options that BidJeeto offers, this product was delivered to Mr. Gajanan at an easy price.

There is no better bidding place than BidJeeto and the list of products that are still to be auctioned off are indicative of that. With so many interesting products around you too can get your hands on some winning glory by bidding on them at BidJeeto.

Saved 96% on Benq 5000 Color Scanner

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

It is real product and real opportunity that you get at BidJeeto. This online auction platform gives you the chance to win real products at mere fractions of its actual price. Here you could only find new and branded products on auction display. If you become a member of BidJeeto, you can take part and take home these products at low prices. The latest auction was on Benq 5000 Color Scanner; and it was won by Mr. Nitin Jaiswal from Kolkata.

Benq 5000 Color Scanner

This Benq 5000 Color Scanner would be very useful for people who are working in the digital or photo editing field. The different features of this scanner include: flatbed scanner; single pass sub scanning method; 1200 (dpi) Horizontal Optical Resolution; 2400 (dpi) Vertical Optical Resolution; 1920 (dpi) Maximum Horizontal Resolution; 1920 (dpi) Maximum Vertical Resolution (dpi); 210×297 (mm) Document Size; compatible with windows98/XP Operating System. At the BidJeeto auction for this high featured Benq 5000 Color Scanner, there were many members who wanted to win it, but when the countdown timer reached zero, Nitin Jaiswal was the highest bidder and winner of this product.

If you are eyeing to win some products at BidJeeto, get yourself registered at the BidJeeto website. Also before you start playing go through the website thoroughly to know more about how things work at BidJeeto. Become a member today and start bidding for products of your choice.

Won a Benq 7650T scanner for just Rs. 211.40

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Only expect the unexpected at BidJeeto. Here you can win a product just by shelling out one bid; and you can also lose an auction after placing 50 bids too. The concept of BidJeeto is very clear. Once the auction gets started you need to keep placing a bid without allowing the countdown timer to reach its zero mark. If this happens, the last bidder whose name is displayed on the product wins the product. So you need to keep a watch on all members who are bidding and how many are eager to win the product. The last auction was on a Benq 7650T scanner; and it was won by Xavier Veloso from Goa.

Benq 7650T scanner

This Benq 7650T scanner would be very useful for a person working in a digital and photo editing field. Its features include: flatbed scanner; single pass sub scanning method; colour interlaced CCD Photoelectric device; 2400 (dpi) Horizontal Optical Resolution; 4800 (dpi) Vertical Optical Resolution; 19200 (dpi) Maximum Horizontal Resolution; 19200 (dpi) Maximum Vertical Resolution; 210×297 (mm) Document Size. For this high featured product there were many members who were bidding at BidJeeto auction. But the person who took home this product was Mr. Xavier Veloso.

Take part in BidJeeto and get surprised. The registration is free at BidJeeto and you will also be provided with three free bids initially, which you can use to bid. So what are you waiting for, become a member today!

Stylish Canon Inkjet Printer at Rs. 151.90

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

At BidJeeto auction, you need not be necessarily involved in an auction from the start to win it. It is all about timing; anybody who logs in at the middle of an auction can also take part and win. The auction gets closed when there is nobody to bid after a bid is placed by somebody. In this case the person who placed the bid last would be declared as the winner once the countdown timer reaches zero. The last auction was on a Canon PIXMA iP1300 PIXMA Inkjet Printer. This was won by Niraj Verma from Worli, Mumbai. This Canon printer is the best one that you would like to have at your home or office.

Canon PIXMA iP1300 PIXMA Inkjet Printer

Canon PIXMA iP1300 PIXMA Inkjet Printer is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98 and Mac OS. Other features of this product include: borderless printing up to A4 size; maximum photo lab quality of 4800×1200dpi. This Canon printer delivers beautiful photographs with enhanced durability to preserve your memories for years to come. Although many members of BidJeeto tried their luck to take this stylish printer home, it was Niraj Verma who was able to win it.

BidJeeto keeps only branded and new products for auction, which you can win at mere fractions of its actual cost. In order to try your luck to win products at such low prices, become a member of BidJeeto and start bidding today.

BidJeeto! Win big products at low prices.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

At BidJeeto, there are members who bid for anything and everything they come across. They would never see whether it is a useful product for them. So can we call these BidJeeto members fools? Of course not! Anyone wouldn’t mind owning things at such low costs that are offered by BidJeeto. But here as a member you need to make sure that those members who are stubborn on a product would never let it go. In that case members like you will have to withdraw at some point of time. So instead of wasting your bids next time, become a smart player. And only bid on products that you want to win. The last auction at BidJeeto was on HP Scanjet G2410 Flatbed Scanner and it was won by Mr. Ajitkumar Ghosal from Jadavpur, Kolkata.

HP Scanjet G2410 Flatbed Scanner

If you are a person from the photo editing and printing field, this HP scanner will be very useful to you. The features of HP scanner include single pass sub scanning method; 10- 2400 % zoom; 1200 dpi horizontal optical resolution and 1200 dpi vertical optical resolution; 216×297 document size, etc. This high featured HP Scanjet G2410 Flatbed Scanner was won by Mr. Ajitkumar Ghosal.

BidJeeto is the only online place where you can win products at low prices. So if you are interested in taking part in BidJeeto, become a member and start bidding today.

All-in-one HP printer at auction on BidJeeto!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

At BidJeeto there is no specific time when an auction should be closed; it completely depends on the members who bids for a particular product. Anybody can take part in an auction and win products. If one member places a bid and there is no one to bid again on the same product and the countdown timer reaches zero, then the person who bids last wins the product. Also that’s when the auction is closed. The last auction that got closed is an Officejet 5610 all-in-one printer. It was won by Bhaargavi Jadeja, from Junagadh, Gujarat.

HP Officejet 5610 All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet printer is the latest and the best in printing and imaging machines useful for homes and small offices. The printer is a versatile four-in-one office machine for copying, printing, scanning and sending faxes. It prints, scans, faxes and photocopies. It is well equipped with a caller ID, a junk-fax barrier and distinctive ring detection features. The members of the BidJeeto very well knew the advantage of owning a HP all-in-one printer. Hence when the auction started, all were placing bids to win this particular product. But the person to win this HP printer was Bhaargavi Jadeja.

When you can get such high featured products at low prices at BidJeeto, why you want to buy it from the retail market? Just try your luck by buying a bid package at Bidjeeto and start bidding on products that you want to own.

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