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Friday, June 11th, 2010

BidJeeto has been able to leave an impact on many bidders due to the sort of products which have been auctioned off on the online bidding avenue with extraordinary deals. There are a wide variety of products that have been auctioned off on BidJeeto and to add to the variety of products, the next product that was sold was the Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset. This product was won by Ms. Maya Surve from Pune, Maharashtra who won the product at a lowly value of Rs. 195.50 which is an enormous save of 96% compared to the retail product price of Rs. 5,240.00.

Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset

The products that have been sold off on BidJeeto have been as varied as they come as there have been all kinds of gadgets like mobile phones, music players, laptops, pen drives, headphones, Bluetooth headsets and more. Few online bidding destinations can match the sort of products that BidJeeto have to offer. The best part of this whole deal is that these varied products are offered by the online bidding outlet BidJeeto at the most ridiculously low prices possible. The sort of prices at which some of the most expensive gadgets are sold off on BidJeeto is just unbelievable and members too get positively surprised with the auction prices.

BidJeeto was able to help out Ms. Maya get her cool Bluetooth headset at a great save and you too can save a lot of money while getting the latest products only on this internet based bidding powerhouse.

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Winning products from BidJeeto can be easy. You just need to take care of few things at your end. Never keep your account empty. Make sure there are enough bids in your account to take part in an auction, and never run out of bids in the middle of the auction. The most important thing about winning a product at BidJeeto is how you place your bids. You got to be very careful while bidding, you need to get an idea about who all are interested in the product that you are bidding and how they are placing their bids. The last auction at BidJeeto was on Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset; and it was won by Mr. Shekhar Kadam from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset

Everybody faces problem to attend a call while travelling, but owning a Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset would solve your problem. The most important feature of the headset is the ‘My own key’ – with this you can listen to unread SMS, call a certain number, hang up calls, listen to the current time, etc. The headset is also equipped with call manage features that includes call response functions, redial and voice dialing options too. This product was won by Mr. Shekhar Kadam when it was kept for auction at BidJeeto for mere fractions of its actual price.

You can also win products at low prices at BidJeeto. Be a member of BidJeeto today and start bidding for your favourite products.

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