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Delhi bidder wins a designer iBall mouse at Rs. 1.70!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

The one bidding destination that every bidder loves for the sensational deals it has to offer is none other than BidJeeto. This place is a wonderful haven for bidders who desire to bid and win some of the most interesting products around. BidJeeto has a fine reputation for providing some of the best deals around in the online world and on some of the latest products. The latest product that had come around on auctions was the dynamic iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse. Ms. Sonam Dhalla from Delhi won this impressive quality mouse on auctions at a measly price of Rs. 1.70. She was able to save an astounding 99% off the market value of this mouse that is priced at Rs. 560.00.

Many extraordinary deals have been made on BidJeeto with the lowest prices and the best products. BidJeeto members can get to bid on a wide variety of products that are available on auctions and the auctions are updated with new products on a day to day basis. Lots of money can be saved on BidJeeto as the bids made are of 10 Paise each. On each bid, the price of the auction goes up only by 10 Paise and that’s why most products are sold off at minuscule prices.

The iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse is one such product that was able to generate buzz and it was sold off to Ms. Sonam at a lowly price that is possible only on BidJeeto.

Stylish netbooks now auctioned on BidJeeto auctions!

Friday, June 4th, 2010

The online bidding destination BidJeeto is a great place for members to bid on some of the best products being launched in the market. There are a lot of interesting products that are constantly developed by leading brands and buying them can’t be easily affordable all the time. But with the amazing options offered by BidJeeto it is possible as you can get your hands on these products affordably with 10 paise bids. The product that was auctioned off latest was the HCL ME 06 3G Enabled Netbook that was won by Mr. Parmanad Chaudhary from West Bengal. He won this fabulous netbook at just Rs. 390.60 which is a fantastic save of 98% from its retail price of Rs. 21,000.00.

HCL ME 06 3G Enabled Netbook

BidJeeto has been giving away some really great products on auction and of all these products, the HCL ME 06 3G Enabled Netbook is a fantastic option as it has the best qualities and fantastic features. There are a lot of interesting products that have been continually auctioned off on BidJeeto and there is no doubt about the fact that these products have been some of the latest and of the best brands around. Many members have been able to get incredible deals all thanks to BidJeeto and the auctions that are based on 10 Paise bids.

BidJeeto was able to help Mr. Parmanad get an amazing deal on the HCL ME 06 3G Enabled Netbook and it can help you too in getting some awesome products at economic prices.

Cool products being won at BidJeeto auctions

Friday, June 4th, 2010

BidJeeto has been able to offer some of the best quality products to members at the best possible discounts and there are a lot of interesting products that are yet to be won. There were a lot of products that had been auctioned and they were the latest in the market and of the best brands and the latest product that was sold off was the Apple iPad 16 GB. This product was auctioned off to Mr. Sameer Shrivastav from Haryana at a measly value of just Rs. 227.40 which is a fantastic save of about 99% from its retail price of Rs. 30,549.00.

Apple iPad 16GB

There have been many fascinating products that have been auctioned off on BidJeeto auctions and the Apple iPad 16 GB is one fantastic product that was desired a whole lot by all members. BidJeeto has been revolutionary in terms of offering some of the best products to its members and at the kind of deals that are just unthinkable as these products are the latest additions in the market and are priced at modest values. BidJeeto has the best bidding options to offers to its members as bidding is done with bids of 10 paise that helps keep the auction price really affordable.

BidJeeto is an amazing online bidding avenue that can offer it all to the members and it was able to help Mr. Sameer get a fabulous product at a miniscule price and the same can happen with you too if you register on BidJeeto and start bidding.

BidJeeto delivers sensational auctions on netbooks

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

The fantastic online bidding destination BidJeeto is definitely the one place that can stir up a storm with the sort of auctions it has been conducting. There have been a wide variety of exciting products that everyone can enjoy and there is no doubt about the kinds of deals that are available. The Simmtronics Simmbook Netbook was the one gadget that was sold off recently in a fabulous deal to Ms. Surbajeet Kaur from Punjab. She was able to get her hands around this product at a lowly price of just Rs. 103.30 which is a phenomenal save of 99% off the actual price of the product which is set at Rs. 14,499.00.

Simmtronics' Simmbook Netbook

Some of the best features around will be at your disposal once you start using the Simmtronics Simmbook Netbook that is an exciting product to win as it has superior functions that all desire. BidJeeto is the place to win such innovative products as it is able to provide the Simmtronics Simmbook Netbook and many more interesting products that are hitting the markets with a strong impact that leaves everyone wanting more such products.
BidJeeto has the best options available for you as they will offer you these brilliant products at some of the most affordable products with their 10 Paise bids and they will offer the sort of deals that you wouldn’t have imagined. There is no better place than BidJeeto to keep bidding and keep winning.

BidJeeto: the great online auction!

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

The last auction on BidJeeto was quite a surprise to the members. The reason was nothing new; as usual BidJeeto had come up with an expensive and branded product for auction. BidJeeto gave its members an opportunity to take part and win this fabulous product at mere fractions of its actual price. The product was an HCL MiLeap X-Series Ultra-Portable Laptop. Even though the members were surprised, every one took part and tried their best to win this product; but the person to win it was Amin Raza from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

HCL MiLeap X-Series Ultra-Portable Laptop

At BidJeeto, if you look at the amount of bids that was placed on this HCL MiLeap X-Series Ultra-Portable Laptop, it was clear that each and every member of BidJeeto had tried their luck to win it. It’s a high featured product and it’s attractive features include: processor speed of 900 (MHz); Standard RAM of 512 (MB); Maximum Display Resolution of 800 x 480 (dpi); integrated video display card; and 8 (MB) Video Card Memory. As the members were bidding aggressively to win this product, there were also members who were playing smartly. Finally the product was won by Amin Raza.

If you want to win big products at low prices, become a member of BidJeeto and start bidding now. Whatever may be the product, you can be sure to take it home at mere fractions of its actual cost.

Acer laptop worth Rs. 18500.00 almost for free at Bidjeeto!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Yes, can you imagine owning a laptop for just Rs. 100.20 only? Anything is possible at BidJeeto, you can get any products that are displayed at BidJeeto for as little as 10 paise. But it depends on your luck; a product can be owned by you only after you bid and there is no bidder for the same product till the countdown timer reaches zero. Let’s remind you that the countdown timer varies on the price of products that are on bid. A high priced product would have a higher countdown timer set. The product that was on bid recently was Acer Aspire One 531 Notebook. And its countdown time was 70 seconds. Registered members of BidJeeto like Harshali Gupta and many others tried their luck on this Acer Notebook. And the winner for this product was Harshali Gupta from Pahar Ganj, Delhi.

Acer Aspire One 531 Netbook

Usually when there is an auction for high priced products, there are more bidders. The same was seen for the auction of Acer Aspire One 531 Notebook. The bidders were not ready to give up; and this was seen when the countdown timer was almost reaching zero, there was a bid placed by somebody, and the timer restarted. Hence the bidding went for a long time. But it had to see an end and when the countdown timer finally reached zero, it was Harshali Gupta who was declared the winner.

Harshali Gupta won the Acer Aspire one 531 Notebook for as little as Rs. 100.60 and made a saving of 99 % since the actual cost of the Acer Notebook was Rs. 18500.00

Incredible products being sold off at BidJeeto at 99% off!

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

The most sensational products can be auctioned off on the amazing bidding avenue BidJeeto and the next one that was sold off in a fabulous deal was the Sony Vaio VPCW125AG laptop. The winner of this amazing product was Mr. Dasharath Mehra from Punjab who won this great product at a mere value of Rs. 181.80 and he was able to save a whopping 99% on the retail value of the product whose price is set at Rs. 29,400.00.

Sony Vaio VPCW125AG Laptop

The bidding avenue BidJeeto has been able to deliver the most amazing deals for its members and with this amazing product it was able to deliver an excellent deal to Mr. Dasharath as he got a fantastic product at minimal prices. BidJeeto offers bidding with their economic bid packages that can be bought and there are free bids too that can be used to bid on the products and win them in amazingly low prices unlike any other bidding destination.

This online outlet is the place to bid on auctions and you will be ensured of a great time as you register on this website and keep bidding to win the latest products that are the hottest things to own.

Sensational products available on the best deals at BidJeeto!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Of all the products that have been auctioned off on BidJeeto, there are some products that are now coming on auctions that are certainly the best buys out there and one such product that was recently sold on a great auction was the Apple MacBook 13. With retail price of Rs. 57,845.00 this product is really incredible as it has the best features possible and it was sold on BidJeeto to Mr. Nedumaran Cheruvu from Tamil Nadu at a paltry price of Rs. 82.70 which is a remarkable 99% save.

Apple MacBook 13

The exciting world of BidJeeto has been able to sell the most sensational products on the best possible deals and the variety of products that are to be auctioned is getting more and more interesting. With great products like the Apple MacBook on sale, the auctions couldn’t get any more exciting as these products are priced well in the retail market and only through these auctions can you expect to buy them at the lowest possible prices that are simply unimaginable.

BidJeeto is the one online bidding sensation that has great products for everyone and always looking out to gift its members with the best deals and you too can bank on this opportunity by registering with this fabulous website today and buying the necessary bids needed to keep bidding.

BidJeeto gives off sensational gadgets in astonishing deals!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

The joy of bidding couldn’t be as great as it is when you are bidding on the exciting bidding avenue of BidJeeto. This is the one website that has been able to auction off sensational products that are normally available outside at really high prices. Thanks to the incredible deals that BidJeeto is able to offer, Ms. Surbhi Doshi from Nagpur was also able to win the HCL ME 06 3G enabled Netbook only at Rs. 260.20 that when weighed against its retail value of Rs. 21,000.00 indicates that she was able to save a gigantic 98%.

HCL ME 06 3G Enabled Netbook

There isn’t a gadget more loved in today’s modern world than a great netbook that has excellent features and that is why getting a great deal on one such product isn’t easy. But thanks to the exciting options that are put forth by the bidding sensation BidJeeto, you can get a fantastic deal on the latest and the best products out there. Only here do you stand a chance to bid on a wide variety of products and gadgets and win them in the kind of prices that will make the whole deal look like a steal.’

Ms. Surbhi surely was able to get her hands on a great product by bidding well on its auction and so can you; all you have to do is register on BidJeeto and keep bidding.

Finest products for you only on BidJeeto!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

The thrilling and exciting bidding avenue of BidJeeto is the one place where you can get the most fantastic products at such paltry prices that it almost feels like a dream. However, this bidding outlet was able to deliver a dream like reality to Ms. Kinjal Jaiswal from New Delhi as she was able to win the Apple MacBook 13 at BidJeeto only at Rs. 383.80. This product is available in the market at a whopping Rs. 57,845.00 which means that Ms. Kinjal got a save of 99% off the product value.

Apple MacBook 13

The Apple MacBook 13 is a fabulous product that most definitely is desired by many because of its superior quality and attractive design and BidJeeto was able to deliver this product to its member at a deal that was simply remarkable. BidJeeto surely can make all your dreams come true, all you have to do is register on this amazing online bidding website and register. As soon as you buy your bids and start bidding, you will be able to win the widest variety of sensational products that will make you feel ecstatic.

BidJeeo can undoubtedly make sure that you get exactly what you want and with its 10 Paise bids, you will be able to get the most exciting products in the best deals possible.

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