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Superior Apple products on sale now at BidJeeto!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

The sensation online bidding avenue, BidJeeto is the one place that can create a bidding revolution with their wide variety of exciting products on auction and of all the products, the auction of one product, the Apple LED Cinema Display surely was spectacular. This fantastic product was auctioned off to Mr. Gajendra Jhajharia from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan at a mere value of Rs. 75.40 thus enabling him to save a gigantic 99% off the retail price of the product that costs a good Rs. 49,990.00 in the market.

Apple LED Cinema

BidJeeto surely is the only place that can deliver the kind of deals that Mr. Gajendra got as these kinds of saves surely are one of a kind that can’t really be simulated by others. There are a wide range of really exciting products that are going to be auctioned off on BidJeeto and their members will get an opportunity to bid on these fantastic products with the aid of affordable bidding options.

The online bidding outlet BidJeeto knows how to deliver a fantastic deal and with these amazing products it has been able to deliver great results. There are a wide variety of products yet to be auctioned of leading brands like Apple and you too can avail of the opportunity by registering on BidJeeto and bidding for a shot to win some cool products.

BidJeeto finds ways to deliver great deals with GPS Navigator Lx130

Friday, March 26th, 2010

The fantastic bidding Avenue BidJeeto couldn’t have gotten any more exciting as they have been able to introduce a really different kind of product with the GPS Navigator Lx130 which went on auction recently. The winner of this auction was Mr. Kamal Sen from Kolkata who won this interesting product merely at Rs. 180.00 which compared to its market price of Rs. 12,990.00 is a really incredible deal as he was able to save a whopping 98% off the retail value on the product.

GPS Navigator Lx130

The auctions at BidJeeto have been able to create a sensation like no other with the extraordinary range of products they have been able to sell and at fantastic deals that just couldn’t have been imagined. With these fabulous range of products at its disposal, BidJeeto has been able to create a great appeal among its members to keep bidding on the latest auctions and win all the products at such a phenomenal save that all the members couldn’t have been happier.

The GPS Navigator Lx130 is a fantastic product that was sold off on one of the many amazing auctions on BidJeeto and with such a great range of opportunities, BidJeeto members can expect many more surprising products on auctions that will yield the most incredible deals.

Extraordinary products now auctioned off on at BidJeeto!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

BidJeeto has been able to excite its members with a wide variety of products and give out the kind of deals that just aren’t available anywhere else. But it created quite a sensation when the product on auction was a LG HT 964TZ Home Theater. This amazing product was won by Mr. Ganesh Vasundhara from Kolkata at a lowly price of Rs. 214.40 whereby he was able to save about 99% off the retail value of the product, only thanks to BidJeeto, as this product is available in the market at a massive value of Rs. 36,990.00.

LG HT 964TZ Home Theater

The fantastic world of BidJeeto is now bringing to you the kind of products that you just can’t get in better deals anywhere else. With the kind of amazing deals that are possible on this online bidding avenue, be prepared to be blown away with the measly amount you will end up paying for incredible products that normally come with monstrous price tags. BidJeeto is the one avenue that can make getting pricey products possible. All you have to do is register on the website and get bidding with the aid of the various bidding packages to make sure that even you can get home theater systems within a few hundred rupees.

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