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Jestin saves a fantastic 98% on a Sony Flatscreen TV!

BidJeeto is the one place where remarkable products are sold at some of the cheapest prices around. There are many online auction avenues out there but BidJeeto members have been able to get some of the finest deals saving lots of money. A great range of fascinating products have been auctioned off on BidJeeto like the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV. This product was recently sold to Mr. Jestin MJ from Pune, Maharashtra who saved an enormous 98% off the actual market price of Rs. 16,900.00. He won the product at a price of just Rs. 259.90, only on BidJeeto!

BidJeeto has some of the most interesting products to offer its members. From mobile phones and cameras to television sets and video games, BidJeeto provides it all. However, the best feature of BidJeeto is that it delivers these extraordinary products of the best quality at some of the most affordable prices, ever. As the bids start from 10 Paise, bidders get to grab these products at really cost-effective process. Mr. Jestin was also able to get his share of lady luck as he managed to win the Sony 22BX300 LCD TV at a really lowly price. In order to grab products at the price of your choice, you can rely on BidJeeto and its incredible auctions.

BidJeeto has a wide range of interesting products to sell off in its auctions. The Sony 22BX300 LCD TV was sold off at a really fantastic deal and you can win such amazing products too by bidding smartly on BidJeeto.

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