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Delhi bidder wins a designer iBall mouse at Rs. 1.70!

The one bidding destination that every bidder loves for the sensational deals it has to offer is none other than BidJeeto. This place is a wonderful haven for bidders who desire to bid and win some of the most interesting products around. BidJeeto has a fine reputation for providing some of the best deals around in the online world and on some of the latest products. The latest product that had come around on auctions was the dynamic iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse. Ms. Sonam Dhalla from Delhi won this impressive quality mouse on auctions at a measly price of Rs. 1.70. She was able to save an astounding 99% off the market value of this mouse that is priced at Rs. 560.00.

Many extraordinary deals have been made on BidJeeto with the lowest prices and the best products. BidJeeto members can get to bid on a wide variety of products that are available on auctions and the auctions are updated with new products on a day to day basis. Lots of money can be saved on BidJeeto as the bids made are of 10 Paise each. On each bid, the price of the auction goes up only by 10 Paise and that’s why most products are sold off at minuscule prices.

The iBall Aero Dynamic Designer Mouse is one such product that was able to generate buzz and it was sold off to Ms. Sonam at a lowly price that is possible only on BidJeeto.

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