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Canon All-In-One printer sold to Mr. Ameet at 96% off!

BidJeeto is the one online bidding avenue that has really exciting options to offer all throughout the year. Some of the latest products launched recently in the market make their way into BidJeeto auctions where they are sold off at the lowest possible prices. The one brand new product that had entered auctions recently was the Canon All-In-One Printer PIXMA MX328. This high quality printer with advanced technology had many bidders bidding on it. However, it was the perseverance of Mr. Ameet Shetti that paid off as he won the printer at a meager sum of Rs. 259.60. He saved a massive 96% off the retail price of the price that is valued at Rs. 8595.00 in the market.

There are many different kinds of products that come up on BidJeeto auctions all the time and they are of the best quality. The Canon All-In-One Printer PIXMA MX328 is a leading technological marvel as it has fabulous features like a fast ISO standard print speed, ChromaLife+ technology, Hybrid system in printing and lots more. The best part of BidJeeto is that bidders can get their hands on these amazing products at really low prices due to the 10 Paise bids that are used in the auctions.

The new BidJeeto member Mr. Ameet Shetti from Karnataka too was able to get his hands on a great quality device at a measly sum that isn’t possible on any other online bidding outlet.

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