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Nokia 5800 Xpress phone sold at 97% off

Online bidding has never been as exciting as it is in case of BidJeeto. It is the best online bidding outlet that has some of the best deals to offer on a wide range of interesting products. Several different kinds of products are sold on BidJeeto auctions like cell phones, digital cameras, television sets, laptops, and lots more. Of all the different products around, the latest product that was placed in the auctions was the super-stylish Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone. This amazing cell phone was won in auctions from Ms. Yamini Sule from Maharashtra at a lowly price of Rs. 320.30. This cell phone is available at a market price of Rs. 13,700.00 and Ms. Yamini saved a massive 97% by bidding and winning this product on BidJeeto.

BidJeeto is a fantastic place where many fascinating products are constantly auctioned off and at some of the best possible deals. The Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone is one such product that was desired by many BidJeeto members and this was reflected well in the auctions as this auction went on for long. There are few amazing products that have the sort of style and design like the Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone. BidJeeto enables bidding on the different products through 10 Paise bids. Due to these cheap bids, the best products are made available to members at really low prices that make these products really affordable to purchase.

BidJeeto is the perfect avenue for bidding lots and winning smart.

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