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Nokia 1616 mobile phone sold at Rs. 0.20 only!

BidJeeto is the best online bidding website around right now. It has some of the most interesting products out there on auctions. These products are not only of incredible quality, they are also some of the latest products to hit the markets. In the market, these products are available at modest prices but you can get them easily on affordable prices at BidJeeto. There are many exciting products that have sold off on BidJeeto at some of the lowest possible prices. The latest entrant on the auctions floor at BidJeeto that was sole off at a record breaking deal was the Nokia 1616 mobile phone. It was won by Mr. Georgie K from Mumbai at a lowly price of Rs. 0.20 which is a sensational save of about 99% over the product price of Rs. 1,450.00 at which it is available in the market.

With the leading craftsmanship of the world mobile phone giant Nokia, the Nokia 1616 is a great mobile phone to own. It has really good specifications in areas like the design, graphics, sound and it has a cute look that appeals men and women alike. BidJeeto has been able to auction off a great variety of products from mobile phones and digital cameras to home theatre systems and motorcycles.

The best part about this online bidding avenue is that it can offer these amazing products at some of the lowest prices delivering the best deals for BidJeeto members. If you wish to get the sort of record breaking deal that was grabbed by Mr. Georgie, you have to bid lots on BidJeeto.

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