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Delhi bidder wins the Nokia C1-01 at a 98% save!

Online auctions are some of the finest places to win the latest products at the best deals. Of all the different online auction avenues, BidJeeto is the leader of the pack with the sort of deals it has been offering to its members. Several BidJeeto members have won really innovative products at mere fractions of their market prices and the products are also as diverse as they can get. The latest product that was won a really lowly price was the Nokia C1-01 mobile phone. This advanced mobile phone was sold to Mr. Abhishek Saraf from Delhi at a measly sum of just Rs. 31.20. When compared to the market price of the product at Rs. 2556.00, he saved a colossal 98%.

BidJeeto has been selling off a wide range of fascinating products on auctions. Products like home theater systems, laptops, mobile phones, video game consoles, LCD TVs, pen drives, music players, DVD players and lots more have been auctioned off. Using 10 Paise bids, BidJeeto members can get their hands on these latest products at some of the lowest prices around in the market. Purchasing these products directly from the retail stores would be quite an expensive affair and that is exactly where BidJeeto scores drastically.

Members like Mr. Abhishek can grab the finest products at unimaginably low prices due to the amazing auctions conducted by BidJeeto. If you want to win leading products at lowly prices, BidJeeto is the best choice for you!

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