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Auction Type

Entry Auction

These auctions are a special offer to our new customers that have not won an auction on BidJeeto.com before. You can only bid on one Entry Auction at a time. After you have won your first auction, you will no longer be able to bid on Entry Auctions.

Free Auction

Where an auction is marked “Free Auction”, the winning bidder does not have to pay the final price. That’s right: the price is zero! You just need to pay the delivery charges.

Peak Auction

In this type of auction, the auction will be activated in certain time period. If auction does not close in that time, the same auction will resume on next day at same time.

Fixed Price Auction

If you win a Fixed Price Auction, you only pay the price indicated in the heading of the auction (plus delivery costs), regardless of the level the bidding reaches.

Hot Auction

These are most popular auctions in the list.

Live Only Auction

During a Live Only Auction, BidHelpers aren't allowed. Users may only place single bids by manually clicking. Don't walk away or you miss the next incredible deal!

24 Hr Auction

These auctions do not end at 12am but last 24 hours. When taking part in these auctions using BidHelper please make sure to have enough bids in your account.

Bonus Auction

Just as a regular auction except that it has a reward points.

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