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Tips & Tricks

Look for patterns on the current auction

Picking your auction carefully is crucial to your success

Track the competition, knowing who they are, when they bid, why they don't bid what they bid on and where they are bidding is how you beat them

Understand that winning is all about good timining

Keep your account full of bids so you don't run out at the wrong time!

Watch for a while and learn how things work

The time of day is very important for getting the price you want and narrowing down the competition

Get comfortable with BidJeeto

Read FAQ's and watch the video tutorial

Place your bids with using a certain stratergy; bid early, late or always on top

Keep your eyes always focused on the countdown timer

Don't Bid too late and miss out (If you do, keep your eye open for that product again. It'll be back.)

Set a realistic amount you are willing to pay for an item.

Calculate your winning price so you never step over the line.

Have a bidding budget and be smart with it

Be careful when using the Bid Helper. Plan and execute the bidding stratergy carfully

Use Bid Help to your advantage, leave it on at time when you are away from your PC. It is also a useful tool to exahust the competition

There are better time to bid, and better days of the week to get better deals.

Buy large packs and pay less per bid

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