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  • supper

    Cool & interested web site if we invest few amount we can win big product thanks to bidjeeto.
seenu, yelahanka
  • good site

    I like this web site, bidjeeto is the one of the best web site to won the unbelievable prize.
pucchi, mysore
  • Good & trusted web site

    One of my friend reffered this web site but i dint believed him because i am a practical person, now i rate this web site 10/10
manju, karnataka
  • jeeto

    This was exactly what I wanted. Thank you." i win 2 prize from bidjeeto thanks to bidjeeto.
narsim, Bangalore
  • "Best, as always!"

    Wow, was I surprised. I never thought my friend would win any thing,but i was wrong,he won 2 auctions,thats great now I am very excited to buy and win. Genuine Website,must play.
Nagaraj, Bangalore
  • awesome site and concept

    This is the best bidding site i've ever seen.this site seriously helps in making one man's dream come true!!
Nikku, Coimbatore
  • Duniya Jeeto

    BidJeeto is an Amazing site, i was at first not believing it to be true but when my friend got logiteh web cam i belive U Bidjeeto is super and best web site recently my friends r win another prize it is good opportunity to ...
srinivasa, bangalore
  • play bid

    I must say this is an amazing website your company is great,i now refer everyone to play big play bid.
Raghu, karnataka
  • Gr8 Site For bidding.....

    Hi all, I have gone thru the offers given by Bidjeeto....that are gr8 and amazing...so many products with a very low amount......hope so everybody can win his/her desired bid in future........
Vikram, Mumbai
  • lucky website

    Bidjeeto is super nd best web site recently my friends r win so much prize it is good opportunity to win big prize like high end product mobiles,laptop etc nd trusted website.
syedumar, bangalore
  • my invetigation

    Bidjeeto.com is a awesome  bidding site. If you really want something and you can get it at a discounted price here.
rafi, kannur
  • My opinion

    Bidjeeto.com is a fabulous bidding website.I guess if you really want something and you can get it at a discounted price and you are not losing anything by trying to win it at auction why not try? The process seems relativel...
ravikanth, Hyderabad
  • Awesome Site

    BidJeeto is an awesome site to get products at around 95%-99% savings. Also, the price won is donated to NGO's which brings a feel good factor for the society.
Sarika Gupta, Chandigarh
  • my oppinion

ramshad, kannur
Sarika Gupta , Chandigarh
  • Winner of "Sennheiser HD 418 Headphone"

     Mr.Sambit Padhy manages to win"Jabra BT-2035 Bluetooth Headset " here on bidjeeto for only Rs.0.10 only. He saved 100% on it's M.R.P. On" Apple Ipod Shuffle (2GB) " for Rs. 140.5 only,he m...
Sambit Padhy, Bhubuneswar, Orissa
  • Winner of Bids Packages

     Ambily J won 25 Bids Package in just Rs. 25.3 from free bids. She managed to save 96% of market price.
Ambily J, Bangalore
  • Winner of "Logitech webcam C500

    Mr. Narsim Murthy manages to win "Logitech Webcam C500 " here on bidjeeto for only Rs. 0.10 only. He saved 100% on it's M.R.P. Also he win "Samsung Corby Pro B5310" for Rs.452.8 only, he saved 95% on it's...
Narsim Murthy, Bangalore
  • Won an USB drive at 10 Paise

    BidJeeto is an Amazing site, i was at first not believing it to be true but when i got my Sandisk USB drive in my hands i was very happy. Thanks BidJeeto.
Tripuresh Pandey, Pune
  • Won Hp 16gb Pendrive

    Thanks to Bidjeeto. I have won a Hp 16Gb pendrive on bidjeeto. It's very interesting to play bid also You may be a winner. If you wanna a winner like me then play on Bidjeeto.
Melvin sandron, Chennai
Deepak Kumar, Andra Pradesh, India

    join this site yesterday, i've won three BIDS.....Feels Great, Thank you BIDJEETO Team, u r doing great Job...Keep it up
  • Winner of Bids Packages

    Prasad Joshi won 50 Bids Package in just Rs. 57.4. He managed to save 95% of market price.
Prasad Joshi, Gujarat, INDIA
  • Winner of 3 products in row

    Mr. Suman Sibal win "iBall Face2Face C12.0 Web Camera",  He win this web camera for Rs. 69.2, he manages to save 95% on it's M.R.P on webcam. On "HTC Smart" for Rs. 175.9, he manages to sav...
Mr. Suman Sibal, New Delhi, India

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